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Vastu Sastra

Vastu Sastra is a universal science in construction for better happiness, health, peace and prosperity to the dweller.5 elements in the universe viz., WIND, WATER, FIRE, EARTH & SPACE should work in unison to maintain harmony, balance & positive energy for the family at home.

Anyone will agree to the fact that we, humans, spend most of their time inside a building be it our home, office or anything else. It’s also a fact that all things in the universe have a level of energy associated with them.

Hence it’s apt to say that all buildings and even the land on which a building is erected has vibrations of energy associated with it. Some energies are positive (with pleasing effects) while others are negative (having terrible effects) on us.

Vastu aims to eliminate negative and enhance positive energy present at a place or location so that a person, family or even business inhabiting a building become prosperous and progressive.

Eg:- Kitchen should be positioned in the S-E direction & the fire should be lit facing east. Pooja room should be positioned N-E, Well/Sump should be placed N-E etc.

The company takes particular care in ensuring that its projects feature perfect vaasthu so as to give buyers a hassle-free and happy ownership.