Working since 1990

We are Shradha Homes

Architectural and Consultancy firm

Shradha Homes is an Architectural and Consultancy firm located at Trivandrum in Kerala state. Our organization is led by a team of Engineers, Architects and Project consultants specialised in designing and construction of all types of buildings.

We have been silently working hard through the years providing quality homes at affordable prices. We believe that every act of ours help clients fulfill their greatest dream. Whether it is a large or a small project, a team of architects and other engineers are integrated to provide all engineering services from conception and thru handing over of the project.

Our capabilities to provide all of these integrated services under one roof enable our team to achieve optimum results. Be it a flat or independent villa, each home is crafted to perfection in terms of quality standards.
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Time Management

The construction work of any building project is done as per the time schedule prepared at the commencement of the project. The time schedule is strictly followed, unless in case of any unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. The construction activities at the site will be closely monitored and controlled by the Project manager with Assistant Engineers and Supervisors under him.

Quality control

The little details done in making of your home do a lot of difference in your life.

  • Quality construction using skilled labourers.
  • Best quality materials for construction.
  • Maximum utilization of available space.
  • Care for your convenience and comfort with minimum budget.